Risk Management

Risk management at the vault level

Unlike other DOVs, Knox Finance provides risk tooling built into the vaults’ infrastructure. Users can exit their position at any time during an epoch. This added flexibility allows users to take profits or reduce risk in the event a position moves against them.

The instant withdrawal feature works as follows:

  • Users are able to send a transaction to receive their share of assets in the vault.

  • Usually this share is in the form of short tokens that represent the collateral of the vault.

  • Once a user receives these short tokens they can either hold them until expiration, or go over to Premia’s position page and sell the position back to the pool (given there is appropriate liquidity).

This can be extremely advantageous in a few different situations:

  • When a user wants to liquidate their assets immediately.

  • If underwritten calls or puts are moving in the user’s favor, they can opt into profit earlier in an epoch (although it will be less than the full amount) before re-entering the vault.

  • If underwritten calls or puts are moving in an undesirable direction users can reduce the risk of further downside at any point during an epoch.

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